Utilise the AstroFeed to obtain your digital footprint of your created content using the Blockchain.


The first exciting feature to come to the Astro Chain dApp is the AstroFeed.

When uploading your media to the feed, you are also minting the content into an NFT which gives you Proof of ownership as the creator of the content within on the blockchain.

Your new NFT is readily available in your digital wallet to sell on Copernic Space Marketplace; Spaceibles!

Your content is then posted onto the feed for the community to like, share and discuss.

Join thousands of people around the world who are uploading and minting their remarkable Astro captures.


A decentralised app operates on the blockchain. It enables users to engage in transactions directly with one another as opposed to relying on a central authority.

Decentralisation unlocks barriers. Building a dApp over a mobile app, we have more options and control and can develop in a lot of different directions.

AstroChain is currently working with SuperTech and MillionLABs to develop an incomparable dApp.

The first key feature to go live will be the AstroFeed.


Book an AstroHub device and enjoy your awesome capture of astronomical instances.


Check the local weather report, select your AstroHub device, date and time, then place your order.

Your captured content will be provided as an NFT which will give you sole ownership of the content within and also contribute to the Astro Anomaly Database!

All NFTs minted through the Astro Chain dApp are registered on a IPFS network and given a content identifier. This gives the ability for anyone to search and find the actual content within the NFT but no one, not even you, can edit this authentic footage and raw data. 

Arriving early 2023!